FLATLINE's 2nd game project at sample-image was Spite. Since this game has a fixed top-down perspective view, I decided to make a fixed-camera view tool, written in Python for Maya for our game artists to use when modeling.

Assigned to deal with the animation pipeline I decided to write an exporter tool in Python and Pymel for exporting meshes, skeletons (joints/bones) and animations from Maya to our engine Cold Snap.

It was also my task to Rig all the characters in game. Especially the Boss was interesting to rig, with its mask opening when the cone attack was triggered.

When the animation pipe was up and going, I started designing and writing pixel and vertex shaders in HLSL for the environment and for the abilities of the player, VFX on the enemies and the boss. In this process I UV-mapped and made the meshes, designed albedo textures in Substance Designer and implemented LUTs for the shaders.