Daddy's Little Demons


Daddy's Little Demons

After 10 weeks of work, FLATLINE finished the 4th game project at sample-image. Below is a short trailer of our multiplayer game Daddy's Little Demons.

Again I started off this project with focusing on the Animation PipeLine and Scripted Tools, one that could generate procedural dynamic automated joint chains among others. We implemented a pipeline that could apply all animations to all the different characters and I created a universal rig that worked for all of them no matter if the character had arms or a cloak, legs or a skirt, a tail or a trailing dress.

Additionally I had to make sure that the exporter tool, that was written in Python would now handle the animations according to the namestandard of the joints of the bind skeleton.

Another role of mine was to write shaders for the game in HLSL, but also creating particle systems with textures in the particle editor of our engine Cold Snap. A protecting blood shield and three different death walls, blood splatter and steam are just a few of the effects I contributed with.

Moreover, I rigged all the characters and props in the game and made the animations for the chest. Some of the solutions included Ribbon Spines and IK-splines for Squash and Stretch functions.